Since the opening of Asia’s first privately-owned car museum in 2008, followed by the establishment of Korea’s first piano museum in 2019, we have been dedicated to creating an educational space where history, culture, and art coexist harmoniously.

Automobile Museum 

The automobile, considered one of humanity’s greatest inventions, represents more than just a mode of transportation; it embodies a lifestyle symbol and the dreams and future of humanity. Starting from the very first automobiles, our collection of over 100 cars from around the world, each representing different eras, allows you to explore the history and culture of the automobile’s evolution.

Piano Museum 

Piano Museum, opened in July 2019, is Korea’s first privately-owned museum and a unique treasure trove. It features the world’s only piano sculpted by the renowned global artist Auguste Rodin. Alongside this precious instrument, the museum houses a remarkable collection of pianos, some of which were cherished by great composers like Beethoven, Chopin, and Haydn. These pianos hold special stories and boast a history spanning 300 years. 

Furthermore, we have created a multifaceted music experience space where children can play the piano and conduct, providing them with a precious opportunity to make beautiful memories and be deeply moved by the power of music.

In addition to exploring the displayed cars and pianos, visitors can enjoy a range of experiences, including Korea’s first free children’s traffic experience, music programs, feeding deer and rabbits, and strolling along the Gotjawal Healing Road. These activities not only promote emotional well-being but also foster meaningful moments for nurturing musical dreams and hopes.