Die Casting Shop 

In Korea’s largest die casting shop, you can find a variety of memorabilia related to automobiles, including intricately crafted model cars and accessories for sale.

Tea House 

We are operating a tea house with a qualified indoor atmosphere to provide convenience to visitors. We offer simple snacks, beverages, and coffee to add a touch of elegance to your visit.


We offer locker services at the ticket counter. Please inquire with our staff for storage of goods. We kindly ask you to refrain from storing cash and valuable items, as there is a risk of loss.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station  

We provide an electric vehicle charging station for charging electric cars. 


We have stroller storage available and pushcars ready for children to use.

Wheelchair Rental Service

We have a wheelchair rental place available for those in need. Wheelchair rentals are arranged at the museum lobby. Please inquire with our souvenir shop staff for assistance.